Northern Utah Chapter

Area: North of Salt Lake City

Chapter Leader: James Beers

Contact information:

Meeting Schedule: TBA

Upcoming Events: Utah’s 2018 Book Marketing Symposium, March 23, 2018, West Jordan UT

Southern Utah Chapter

Area: Salt Lake City and south

Chapter Leader: Daniel Friend

Contact Information: 972-345-0856 or

Meeting Schedule: TBA

Upcoming Events: TBA

*Daniel is currently looking to retire as chapter leader for Southern Utah. If you are interested in taking a turn as a chapter leader, please fill out our chapter leader application.

Northern California Chapter

Area: Northern California

Chapter Leader: Monica Ewing

Contact Information:

Meeting Schedule: TBA

Upcoming Events: TBA

I don’t have a chapter near me! Can I organize one?

We are always looking to expand our reach and ability to serve our members. In other words, we need you!

The first step is finding leadership for your chapter. Once you have that in place, you may file a chapter application here.

When approved, we will provide resources and information to help you get your chapter started and flourishing.