The mission of the LDSPMA chapters matches our organization’s overall mission. We seek to build a strong foundational group that LDS publishing and media professionals can turn to for networking, education, and opportunity.

However, the local chapters are really where the rubber hits the road as far as executing that vision, which we fulfill in the following ways:

  1. Provide professional and media networking;
  2. Advance the publishing and media education and skill sets of members;
  3. Help members learn of publishing and media industry opportunities, prepare for publishing and media careers, and succeed in those careers;
  4. Provide ideas, connections, and resources to help members be innovators and leaders in publishing and media and increase their positive impact in the world.

Even though we are one great body, there are unique opportunities and challenges based on our geography, local customs, and circumstances. An individual starting their career at a large magazine in New York faces different hurdles than a screenwriter in Los Angeles, or an intern at a publishing house in San Francisco, or a book author in Salt Lake City, Utah.

By creating a haven for publishing professionals in the areas where they are, we will be able to accommodate the unique strengths and challenges of a broad range of individuals.


What does a local chapter provide?

Each local chapter agrees to host a minimum of four activities per year. They will also connect their members to the national organization and provide area-specific resources through social media and a local page on


What does a networking event look like?

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is a cliché that describes perfectly what it is like in the world of publishing. Next to your actual production, your connections will be your most valuable resource. The vision is that these will be events where authors, editors, publishers, producers, screenwriters, bloggers, illustrators (and more) will meet, connect, and work together to further their own careers and Latter-day Saints in the industry as a whole.

Networking events are at the discretion of the local chapter leadership and may cover a wide range of activities. Activities that the organization encourages include, but are not limited to:

  • Meet and greets
  • Inviting guest speakers to educate the members
  • Training in a classroom setting
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Socials for families and friends
  • Team building and recreational activities
  • Professional “speed dating”
  • Think tanks
  • Critique sessions
  • Presenting current projects between members


What does a local chapter look like?

There are three types of local groups organized under LDSPMA. Each has their own roles and requirements.

Full Chapter:

Leadership consisting of one President, one Vice President, one Secretary/Treasurer, and other leaders based on the needs of the chapter (i.e. VP Fundraising, VP of Social Media, VP Activities, VP Community Outreach, etc.)

Full chapters are required to provide all benefits promised to members of the organization, including networking events, online resources, an online community and continuing education to its members. They are also asked to recruit new members and help raise money for the organization.

Provisional Chapter:

At least one leader, excited to create a chapter from the ground up and willing to recruit in her area.

Provisional chapters are required to provide at least two networking events throughout the year and provide an online community for their members. Provisional chapters will also have access to content produced by full chapters for the education of its members.

One-time Meeting/Event:

LDSPMA will endorse local one-time events for its membership to attend, organize or participate in.


How do I join a local chapter?

As a member of LDSPMA, you are eligible to join any local chapters, all of which are listed on our website. Find the one closest to you and visit their next meeting. Email us at


I don’t have a chapter near me! Can I organize one?

We are always looking to expand our reach and ability to serve our members. In other words, we need you! Keep in mind the requirements listed above and consider what level of chapter you think your local community can handle.

The first step is finding leadership for your chapter. Once you have that in place, you may file a chapter application here.

When approved, we will provide resources and information to help you get your chapter started and flourishing.