Each month LDSPMA holds an educational conference call open to current LDSPMA members and invited guests who are interested in joining the association. Topics cover a wide variety of skills and occupations, and generally appeal to most members. Conference call phone number and access code is emailed to members and may be shared with colleagues or friends who would like to learn more about LDSPMA. If you would like to suggest a future topic for the monthly Roundtable call, please email ideas to info.ldspma@gmail.com.

November 2015: Marketing June 2016: Publishers’ Perspective April 2017: Overcoming Self-sabotage
December 2015: Social Media July 2016: Content Marketing May 2017: Interviewing
 January 2016: Innovation August 2016: Leveraging LinkedIn  July 2017: Getting Started as a Freelancer 
February 2016: Self-Publishing November 2016: Becoming a Savvy Taxpayer August 2017: How to Effectively Use Microsoft Word
March 2016: Freelancing  January 2017: Adapting Story for Film November 2017: Creative Writing
April 2016: Ebooks February 2017: Balancing Work and Family
May 2016: Bestsellers  March 2017: The Hero’s Journey as a Guide to Editing Fiction