“Not long before LDSPMA’s first annual conference, we had a vacancy open up in our staff for an entry-level editor. I went to the annual meeting with the purpose in mind of meeting some recently graduated editors whom we could encourage to apply for the position. We ended up hiring (after the regular evaluation process) an LDSPMA member I met at that annual meeting. This is one of the many benefits I have seen of participating in LDSPMA—the opportunity for employers and potential applicants to meet and learn about one another.”

—Eric Smith, Editorial Manager, Joseph Smith Papers Project


“I went to the founding meeting of LDSPMA back when I was a student because it was exciting to be part of something and help it get off the ground, and the brainstorming and collaboration that occurred there was really promising. I felt like I was a part of something. 

“That feeling has continued, but I stayed mostly because of the people. The board members are amazing, and the organization is so small that there are tons of opportunities for interaction and communication with seasoned professionals.

“There’s also the vision and values of LDSPMA. There isn’t any other organization I know of that is trying to bring together LDS professionals in such an uplifting training and collaboration ground. LDS members are uniquely positioned (even obligated) to disseminate uplifting and virtuous content, and this organization is trying to support that purpose.”

—Leah Welker