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by Cynthia Anderson
For every mother who feels she is coming up short, Cynthia Anderson has a message: be kind to yourself, embrace the good, and find joy in the everyday. In One Mom to Another, Cynthia uses her decades of experience as a mother of seven (and as of this writing, a grandmother to twenty-three) to shed light on the trials, tribulations, humor, and (yes) eternal joy of motherhood. With her humorous and sincere conversational style, she recounts the ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs of her family, applying the life lessons she learned along the way to moms everywhere. One Mom to Another encourages mothers to use a new yardstick of success and have confidence in their individual talents. Part observational humor and part inspiring memoir, Cynthia’s insights into motherhood are sure to encourage moms to take a deep breath, put on their muck boots, and wade into the fray.

Guardian of the Sunshine Bride

by Austin Rehl

Jane Austen meets Lord of the Rings in this epic fantasy novel…


With her father’s kingdom teetering on the brink of ruin, Princess Kathleen’s approaching wedding day is Candoreth’s only hope of survival — but it is an arranged marriage she hasn’t chosen. The last time she had spoken to her waiting suitor, the powerful Prince of Tyath, she was only a child. What’s more, Kathleen holds a secret, a magical secret, and it is one that if she cannot hide, may destroy her homeland.


Jared, a fearless warrior with a dark past, yearns to avenge his sister and rescue his brother from a murderous barbarian horde. But before he can do that, his Master tasks him with escorting a princess across the hostile lands of Desnia, and delivering her safely to the altar. Yet this journey will not be as easy as Jared thinks. Haunted by his past, the princess becomes an unlikely confidante and object of his affection. So when the wedding procession is attacked, Kathleen and her guardian find themselves not only in a fight for their lives, but in a battle to navigate the pitfalls of forbidden emotions.


With war on the horizon, and the fate of an empire filled with political strife hanging in the balance, will Jared and Kathleen sacrifice a powerful alliance for true love?

Make Time for a Home-Centered Life

by Brian Carrington

This book is a monthly planner written in response to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s recent move to a two-hour block and the resulting question, “What is a Home-Centered Church?”

You’ve survived the dating, enjoyed the romance, made the babies, changed the diapers, and lost your mind, maybe more than once. Now the world is competing for your family’s time; work, school, friends, teams, clubs, television, social media, video games, and idleness all want a piece of your time. These distractions can bring contention and anger into any family.

This book contains a simple formula that you can adapt to your skills, your interests, and your stage in life. The book is designed as a monthly planner to help you develop patterns that will help you better manage the most precious time you have, the time with your family. If you want family unity and peace in a world of distractions and anger, this book is for you. It’s time to build a Home-Centered Life


The Book of Mormon – Alternate Chronology

by Alan Sanderson

This chart is perfect for those who need to shake up their scripture study. Alan says:

“Some years ago as I was reading through the Book of Mosiah I began to wonder what it would be like to follow the various subplots in a different order. For instance, what would it be like to follow Alma and his people from the land of Mormon to the land of Helam, and all the way to Zarahemla without pausing the tell the story of King Limhi in the middle? Or what would it be like to follow the sons of Mosiah on their mission to the Lamanites, and then come back later to learn what happened to Alma the Younger while they were gone?

After some pondering I decided to map out a reading chart for an alternate pathway through these substories, and I revised it a couple of times as I read through the book. Several people have asked me for a copy of the chart, so I decided to post it on my blog.”

Interested? Check out his blog post by clicking on the title above.


Dressing the Naked Hand: The World’s Greatest Guide to Making Staging and Performing with Puppets

by Amy White

With tons of color photographs and a DVD with over 2 hours of hilarious instructional videos, this is the perfect how-to book for all levels of puppetry skill, from beginners to master artisans. With instructions on making hand puppets, turning stuffed animals into puppets, building hand puppets, performing, inventing voices, building stages, and more, this is the most comprehensive book of its kind. And with jokes and puppet humor throughout, it’s not just a handbook it’s a joy to read!